This time on this irregular podcast… (thanks for staying subscribed by the way – new episodes will pop up when you least expect them… honestly, you’ll forget about us, then suddenly, hello! It’s that writer of that thing or that author or that comedian or that person off the telly)

…it’s James Cary!

Yes our most prolific guest. He’s been on this podcast’s earlier incarnation Comedians With Books. He’s been on this podcast’s even earlier incarnation The Heptagon Club.

Now he’s here, mid-/post-/wherever-we-are-in-the-pandemic, to talk Christianity and comedy. Do they mix? Should they? And why not?

There’s conversation about luck vs fate, humour in the Bible, his career plan as a writer who goes where the wind blows, and ample more.

James’ writing CV includes My Family, Miranda, Hut 33, Bluestone 42, and many more.

James’ books include The Sacred Art of Joking and The Gospel According to a Sitcom Writer. My books include So a Comedian Walks into a Church and Planet Protectors. Buy them all! I recommend

James’ podcast is Sitcom Geeks. My other podcast is The British Broadcasting Century. Listen to them all!


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