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I’ve posted 24 days of festive fact films this Advent. It’s all the fault of Elliot from Monkeynut Audiobooks, with whom I’ve recorded the audiobook of Hark! The Biography of Christmas. (We couldn’t get it out for this Christmas, but look out for it in 2020.) He reckoned it should be done, so it has been…

I imagine you’ll want the full boxset. What’s that? You don’t? Ah well. It’s here on a Youtube playlist, or here below one by one, so that like blown Christmas tree lights, you don’t have to go through the lot if you’re trying to reach only one…

1: Christmas dinner in Japan… https://youtu.be/KNpymTMI7ms
2: Fainting at the Panto… https://youtu.be/S78OsrRRbQg
3: A Christmas Carol… https://youtu.be/BB-TGqu0mOM
4: Santa’s Little Helper… https://youtu.be/te7kDKRmaV0
5: The Boy Bishop… https://youtu.be/Bo24eWoMzrM
6: St Nick… https://youtu.be/2DUwaYM4R3g
7: O Christmas Tree… https://youtu.be/y0EawioKQyE
8: Gate-Crechers: A Christmas poem… https://youtu.be/8W18w62rf6E
9: The Christmas Radio Times… https://youtu.be/JwBlrIJ933U
10: Mrs Herod… https://youtu.be/TMQlqjVJOKQ
11: A bawdy carol service… https://youtu.be/mKstIwtjfYk
12: Parliament bans Christmas… https://youtu.be/w2oCTly4eBo
13: Hitler & the Truce… https://youtu.be/IUIzgXGy3S4
14: The first carol… https://youtu.be/nCd9Eibh988
15: A Fairytale of Bethlehem… https://youtu.be/J7SYKXYQrv0
16: O Christmas Tree (2)… https://youtu.be/ZFUwsk7FkVM
17: Dickens’ white Christmases… https://youtu.be/3viZwtDQZTA
18: Washington Irving (live)… https://youtu.be/sdEqPqUbHKE
19: Coke & the red Santa… https://youtu.be/8md6hy-rpdU
20: Candy canes… https://youtu.be/AQJImnsiFII
21: Jingle Bells in space… https://youtu.be/oHmQMpnOTjQ
22: Baubles… https://youtu.be/SiGIAs1pjsY
23: Carols to other tunes… https://youtu.be/V5Ej3UjSdms
24: Christ is born!… https://youtu.be/NW7TVjE93rA

Thanks for watching, or sharing, or reading at least, because you are at least reading this sentence, if nothing else.

If you’d like to read more, the book is at the end of this link.

If you’d like to hear more, more info on the Audible podcast, and a free trial, is at the end of this link.

This has been a brief return to my Yule blog. After Christmas, this page will return to PK’s Writing Blog, where I’ll delve occasionally into what us writers can learn from things we’ve watched. But for now…

A Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good watch/read/listen/night!